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All is Number

We live in a mathematical universe. Wherever we go, numbers pervade everything.

Journal of Polymathematics

This website comprises a public experiment where the formerly hidden mathematical mysteries of the Pythagorean Illuminati are shared with the world in a constructive and educational manner. Here we host the Journal of Polymathematics, an online publication concerning mathematical and philosophical research into ontological mathematics and other topics of interest to Illuminists. In addition to this journal, we provide learning resources and a guide for the Armageddon Conspiracy website and Mike Hockney’s God Series, where interested parties may orient themselves and attend to their intellectual needs.

The Ultimate Theory

Ontological mathematics is founded upon real and complex analysis, topology, and differential geometry. Starting from first principles, we use the Principle of Sufficient Reason to construct the ultimate, necessary mathematical theory that encompasses every single phenomenon seen in the world. We can show how the Euler Formula is the basis of every ontological structure, seen and unseen. Relativity and quantum mechanics are reconciled by the recognition of spacetime curvature as being irreducible, and by tying quantum mechanical structures to differential geometry, we can construct a workable theory of quantum gravity. Complex three dimensional space, consisting of three real and three imaginary dimensions accounts for the problems caused by the asymmetrical four-dimensional scheme of Einstein, and shows that everything we see is a result of strict mathematical conservation laws. Fourier analysis performed over a complex manifold is all that we need to complete the theory and finally unite the mathematics of quantum mechanics to the mathematics of general relativity. More importantly, by our use of first principles, we can show how qualia and number are inextricably bound. Through the principle of correspondence, all qualitative and quantitative aspects of the universe can be uncovered and shown how they map to each other. Only ontological mathematics can do this — scientific materialism and philosophical language games just aren’t up to the task.

Have you ever imagined your entire life as being comprised of Fourier-transformed pictures upon the surface of a Riemann sphere?

All is Number, Number Rules All

The Pythagoreans of old were known to have attributed special qualities to the decad. One, two, three, four, and so on were seen as embodying some divine principle. Today their scheme is considered antiquated and a mere curiosity. Today’s Pythagoreans agree that the decad of old isn’t ontological, but the associating of number to qualities is far from a laughing matter. The Pythagorean Illuminati’s ontological mathematics — the basis of the true Grand Unified Theory of Everything — associates some type of qualia to every ontological number. Everything is comprised of sinusoids, and every sinusoid’s frequency and amplitude can be taken to be the basis of number itself. What could be simpler and more compelling than a double-aspect ontology where mathematical energy is fundamentally infused with life, mind, and qualia?

The God Formula

The Euler Formula might as well be considered the God Formula. Rather than worship deities and contemplate the so-called nothingness of existence or the unknowability of “God”, why not contemplate how one formula can be transformed algebraically into every possible structure in the universe? What algebraic manipulations must we make in order to produce from the Euler Formula something as remarkable as Riemann’s Zeta Function? Or show how Planck’s constant and the speed of light can come from Fourier coefficients, all formed out of iterations of the Euler Formula in the form of infinite series? Mathematics has all the answers — not some illiterate tribesmen conjuring fairy tales in deserts. Mathematics is how we can show that nothing and something are really one and the same, while mindful meditation only encourages mindlessness and vapid mysticism. Do you want the answers to every question? Then become an ontological mathematician!


The Order of the Illuminati is an ancient secret society that has formally existed since the time of Pythagoras. Its predecessor society was formed under the apostate king, Solomon. Our origins lie in the ancient wandering wise men of the near East, as well as in the Orphic mystery religion, and both of which are tied back to the pre-historic shamanic religions of central Asia. The famous originator of the Liar Paradox, Epimenides, was one such Orphic initiate... more

The Rational Religion

One of the aims of the Illuminati is to create a rational, universal religion that every individual can approach on their own terms and discover for themselves. It would not be a 'revealed' religion where every dogma is shoved down your throat from the cradle to the grave, but rather it would be a mystery religion that you piece together over a lifetime. Each piece of this mystery religion leads you closer and closer to understanding the ultimate nature of the universe and our place in it, and the way... more


Meritocracy is the ideal political system espoused by the Illuminati, and the Order of the Illuminati embraces this very system within its own ranks. Meritocracy rests on a very simple but powerful principle: all individuals are to be judged by their talents, and their respective offices must reflect their abilities. From this principle, it follows that the corrupt systems of dynastic wealth and patronage are utterly antithetical to meritocracy. Any system that judges people upon measures other than their abilities is... more


The myth of the classroom as a place of complete neutrality is actually toxic to genuine discussions, and it is the first place where propaganda forces knowledge and rationality into submission. Never in the ancient Greek academies did a teacher feign neutrality. Instead, teachers espoused a view and had their students learn it and challenge it. However, to challenge the sacred cows of the academy today is to deny yourself privileges within the academy. Only if the challenge is put forth as a... more